Poems from the Soul
Gregory David introduces ...
The Soul Mate Series

Poems of Spiritual Love and Universal Possibilities

In the first poem of the series; Soul Mate, Gregory paints a vivid picture of two Beings who suddenly realize the significance of their chance, and unexpected encounter. The poem allows us to experience the possibility that each of us has a Soul Mate; who has been sent to love, guide, and assist us on this earthly journey.

In the second poem of the series; The Beginning, we feel the serenity of sitting by the ocean during a sunrise meditation. The words allow us to experience the wonders of becoming “one with nature” while exploring the possibilities of human self and new beginnings.

In the third poem of the series; Angel, we are gently reminded to allow our joyful spirit to emerge as it once did in our youth. Through reflection, we are cautioned not to become attached to the human experience or its earthly outcome.

The forth poem of the series; Barefoot at a Crossroad, speaks to life’s choices. At some point in everyone’s life a Crossroad appears; and as Robert Frost so profoundly wrote, and I--I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”.

The fifth poem of the series; The Dream, delivers the universal message of peace, love, and hope. With the protection and healing energy of a Shamans spirit, this message of generations is passed on through the dreamer until the dream becomes reality.

The sixth poem of the series; When Ones Align, describes the astrological movements of the night sky on November 11, 2011. (11-11-11) It speaks to the suggestion that on this date an energetic shift occurred in preparation for mankind’s entry in the Mayan year of 2012.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. 
                         We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin